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What do you want to know?

No, you do not need a referral to attend. However, if your General Practitioner (GP) provides you with a Mental Health Care plan, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate to assist with the cost of the appointment.

When you arrive, take a seat in our waiting room. Your psychologist will meet you at the time of your appointment. The initial consultation is a chance to get to know each other and develop a plan for support. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like during this appointment.

Appointments are 50 minutes long.

Yes, psychologists are bound by law and ethical codes to keep information confidential. The only exceptions are if someone is at risk of harm to themselves or others, or if information is subpoenaed by a court of law.

Treatment length can vary greatly depending on complexity and nature of difficulties as well as previous treatment. Average number can be between four (4) and fifteen (15) sessions. These are typically booked weekly to begin with then spaced further apart as treatment progresses.

We are taking all precautions for sanitising and all areas are cleaned regularly.

Masks will be required when directed by government regulations.

Alba Psychology is able to offer support via telehealth if you are unable to attend in person.

We ask for appointments to be confirmed 24 hours before the appointment time. There is a high demand for support therefore this time is required to be able to offer an appointment to others in need. Cancellations within 24 hours of an appointment will incur a cancellation fee.

Yes, appointments are offered through a secure telehealth system. A link will be sent to you when the appointment is confirmed. No installation of software is required.

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